Movistar: Informing about the optical fibre arrival


To inform about the optical fibre advantages, recently installed on the island by Movistar


A street marketing action with the aim of informing all citizens about the advantages of the new services offered by the telephone company.

Thanks to a creative staging and to the awareness of local reality, it generated strong interest from pedestrians. Through this action it has been proved once again that the awareness of local reality is essential in order to set out campaigns which are closer to the local consumer and which lead to brand engagement.

In this case, choosing locations with the largest influx and setting a schedule have been key aspects to achieve the biggest dissemination.


Brand promoters explained over 10,000 people the optical fibre advantages and its possibilities within the two weekends the promotion lasted. Besides, there was a significant increase in the number of visitors at local Movistar shops. After the promotion, JFT made a video for the company with a summary of the campaign.

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