Cruzcampo: presenting the new Cruzcampo radler


To present the new beer Cruzcampo Radler with natural lemon juice in Seville


theAndalusian INRED team in cooperation with the INRED Levante Team have designed a comprehensive campaign to make public the new Cruzcampo Radler in Seville. In order to do so, over a thousand lemon trees were given out in a busy location in Seville.

Besides, people from Seville could taste and enjoy for free the new Cruzcampo Radler on over 1,500 bar terraces in the city on Saturday 29 March at midday. This is how the campaign started out with the catchphrase “any excuse is good to meet up on a terrace”. Through this activity, the new Cruzcampo Radler will be part of a landscape riddled with terraces and friendly meetings in the city. The whole campaign was supported by the local activation activities: awnings, radio, social networks and the media in general.

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