Amstel: How to become the favourite regional beer




To rejuvenate the brand, win popularity and connect with the public, positioning Amstel as Valencians’ beer.


“Yours is always cooler”, a shared universal truth that can be well applied to the Valencian public and which became our brand claim. An emotional and powerful positioning that enabled us to build up the brand.

From image campaigns to noise actions, Amstel has always been next to Valencian people, sponsoring parties and events that were held in the region. Thanks to Amstel’s involvement with Valencian people, we have developed several actions such as creating a perfume that smells like gunpowder or the first firework display (Mascletà) without using gunpowder, as well as an association with the Valencian Tourism Agency (Agencia Valenciana de Turismo) in order to advertise the region as a destination. Different actions that brought young people closer to the brand so that it became their favourite beer.   


Amstel is the first beer in the Valencian Community.

In addition to the brand’s rejuvenation, its connection with the public has been improved.

Golden EFFIE Award at regional/local level.

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