Unicaja: Reinforcing its positioning in all Andalusia



Making public Unicaja’s 125 years through different experiences that would show the company’s closeness to Andalusian people, which created a brand image.


A touring interactive exhibition showed the 125-year-long history of Unicaja and Andalusia for several months and in different cities. With the aim of generating a brand image and increasing the number of visits to the exhibition, we created a global campaign that highlighted the importance of Street Marketing actions, in addition to campaigns with a digital and traditional format.

For the graphic one, both in the press and outdoor, we used the face of a girl built with two halves: each of them belonged to a different period of time, conveying the evolution through the last 125 years.  A headline with a question that invited to the exhibition: ‘¿Quieres vivir 125 años?’ (Do you want to live 125 years long?)

At the street were carried out theatrical activities, with people “brought” from the past, like town criers who were delivering newspapers from that time, lady journalists that were interviewing pedestrians, flower sellers and even a nineteenth-century photographer who was portraying people that visited the exhibition.

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